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Cornes Technology Limited


Cornes Technologies is a leading specialist importer and distributor of electronic devices, systems and equipment, scientific equipment, and industrial machinery, with unrivalled experience in the promotion, marketing and selling of new products and technology sourced from overseas to a broad range of customers in Japan.


Contact :

Mr. Toshihiko Oba
Tel:+81 (0)3 5427-7564 
Fax:+81 (0)3 5427-7572
e-Mail: toshihiko.oba@cornes.jp

Endicott Research Group

North America

In April 2012, ERG Lighting and GRE partnered to provide standard and custom solutions for customer requirements. ERG Lighting, a division of Endicott Research Group, Inc. (ERG), is a stocking distributor for GRE Alpha in North America. ERG has been designing and manufacturing power supplies for customers in the US and around the world since 1979. In 2008, ERG began leveraging its expertise in LED control to include areas of general lighting. Today, we offer LED drivers for solid state lighting that surpass clients' expectations for quality, function, and reliability. Ideal for applications such as signage, architectural, retail, and office. ERG Lighting offers complete sales and expert engineering support and exceptionally short lead times throughout the U.S. and Canada.


Scott Barney

tel:+1 (607) 754-9187 ext.# 3025

Bravo Electro Components

North America

Based in Santa Clara, California, Bravo Electro Components is dedicated to bringing a comprehensive range of cutting edge products in areas Power Supplies and Cooling Products. We have over 50 years of combined experience in the areas of Power and Cooling. 

Bravo provides standard off the shelf products, as well as modified units to meet the broadest range of applications. From putting a connector and twisting the wires on a fan, to a power system utilizing multiple power supplies in a power rack, we design it, build it, test it, and deliver it to customers’ specification. 

If a standard unit from our offering does not satisfy customers’ needs, we also offer modified standard or full custom units.


Bravo Electro Components

1990 Russell Ave. Unit 1
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Toll Free: 800-392-6318
Telephone: 408-733-9090
Fax: 408-733-8555

DaRob Zokaei